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I am an Internal Medicine physician, Motivational Speaker, Hypnotherapist and an expert in Alternative Medicine with focus on Acupressure, Reflexology and Meditation. Special Interests in Business Development, Strategy management with focus on Six Sigma, Lean, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Electronic Health Records(EHR).
Listed as one of the Top Leading Physicians of the World which nominates physicians based on data collected from a variety of different resources, taking into account education, medical affiliations, consumer reviews, medical/research contributions and more.

  1. Dearest Doctor, where do you treat clients wanting hypnotherapy ? Also thank you for
    posting the OM.Chants feel the power of the bells. I am looking to get it on CD, Thank you for your knowledge, skills and wisdom. regards Lauren.

  2. Discovered and appreciating your manta work on You-Tube. Thank you for being a positive force leading to peace. One generous drop in an ocean will make a difference. Gratitudes, Darcy

  3. HI Dr Nipun. I am a Psychic Medium in the UK. I find your meditation music absolutely wonderful and I love the work and effort that you put into them. Very spiritual and special. I hope to improve my meditation teaching skills and holistic medicine one day. But just wanted to thank you for making the music available and mostly for free. I always recommend your meditation music to my students and clients. Angela Mitchell

  4. Hi Dr. Nipum: I am so pleased with your meditation music and various themes for meditation. I have been doing my own spiritual work for over 10 years now, and using your meditation music has brought me leaps ahead. I wanted to ask, how do you determine which chants u recommend for the third eye versus say for energy while sleeping. They are so amazing these chants. Also, do you do workshops I can attend. I am in Canada but willing to travel. Thanks for spreading your light!

  5. Hello Dr Aggarwal, Appreciate the videos that you have posted. Lost my Dad recently and felt totally disoriented. Was looking for online help to overcome grief and accidentally came across your videos online and started listening to the chakra meditation. I think it is helping me find my mental peace, though momentarily, because for some reason I keep going in and out of acute grief. Wondering if there is something that will help me be a medium or send healing to someone you has crossed over. (https://aauh.wordpress.com/)


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