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Active at Any Size Day 5: What can I do?

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Dancing (Weight Bearing or Nonweight Bearing)


Dancing may help:

◆Tone your muscles.

◆Improve your flexibility.

◆Make your heart stronger.

◆Make your lungs work better.

You can dance in a health club, in a nightclub, or at home. To dance at home, just move your body to some lively music!

Dancing on your feet is a weight-bearing activity. Dancing while seated is a nonweight-bearing activity. Sometimes called chair dancing, this activity lets you move your arms and legs to music while taking the weight off your feet. This may be a good choice if you cannot stand on your feet for a long time.


Active at Any Size Day 4: What can I do?

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What physical activities can a very large person do?

MOST very large people can do some or all of the physical activities in this booklet. You do not need special skills or a lot of equipment. You can do:

◆Weight-bearing activities, like walking and climbing stairs, which involve lifting or pushing your own body weight.

◆Nonweight-bearing activities, like swimming and water workouts, which put less stress on your joints because you do not have to lift or push your own weight. If your feet or joints hurt when you stand, nonweight-bearing activities may be best for you.

◆Lifestyle activities, like gardening or washing the car, which are great ways to get moving. Lifestyle activities do not have to be planned out ahead of time.

Remember that physical activity does not have to be hard or boring to be good for you. Anything that gets you moving around— even for only a few minutes a day—is a healthy start to getting more fit.

Walking (Weight Bearing)

Walking may help you:

◆Improve your fitness.

◆Increase the number of calories your body uses.

◆Increase your energy levels.

Tips for Walking

◆Try to walk 5 minutes a day for the first week. Walk 8 minutes the next week. Stay at 8-minute walks until you feel comfortable. Then increase your walks to 11 minutes. Slowly lengthen each walk, or try walking faster.

◆Gradually increase your walks to give your heart and lungs— as well as your leg muscles—a good workout.

◆Wear comfortable walking shoes with a lot of support. If you walk frequently, you may need to buy new shoes often. You may wish to speak with a podiatrist about when you need to purchase new walking shoes.

◆Wear garments that prevent inner-thigh chafing, such as tights or spandex shorts.

◆Make walking fun. Walk with a friend or pet. Walk in places you enjoy, like a park or shopping mall.



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Fact: Maintaining the cleanliness of car makes driving even more pleasurable and helps prevent accidents while your eyes are on the road. That is why poorly kept cars are more prone for accidents statistically as compared to well kept ones.


For a lot of us these days, cars are the main means of transportation. Ideally, car is like a mini room, air-conditioned with nice seats and good music. But a lot of times we forget to clean the junk in the cars. All those dirty tissues, gum wrapper, non sense flyers and dust are the most common of things that do not deserve to be in the car. The car mats get allergens and dust mites overtime leading to breathing and allergy issues.

The other benefit of cleaning the car from outside is that cleaning car consumes lots of calories which are good for body. It involves use of various muscle groups and helps stretch them for the good. Not to say it keeps your car shining in the lot and you can save a few bucks which you would have spent in automated car wash.

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