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Doctor’s Story: Not much Glory

In Health, Healthcare, Medicine on June 3, 2012 at 9:35 am

Sleepless Nights,Big Bright lights,
I made books and blood my friends,
Had to know all the current trends.
I cried a lot,I suffered a lot,
Throughout the journey, I did not leave the plot.
Serving is my mission,Care is my vision.
Even with the pain, medicine is my passion.
I stayed far from my family, did not get all the love,
I touched the disease many times without the glove.
I may seem to be making money,
But do not forget that I have to leave my honey.
I get up early and sleep very late,
Just to make sure that I change your fate.
I hold your hands when you need,
Forgetting at times that I need to feed.
I love what I do,
But still fear the ‘Sue’.
I am the one,
On the run.
Never Tired,
Always Hired.
When I get calls
For somebody who falls
I get up to make you stand
Always greet you by shaking hands,
I may fly wavy like a helicopter,
Believe it or not, I am your Doctor.


  1. i have been touched. Thats what we medics go through to heal the world

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