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‘The World Of Healing’: Create Physical & Mental Well-being

In Uncategorized on May 26, 2012 at 5:44 pm

‘The World Of Healing’ (TWOH) offers:

1. Hypnotherapy: Most powerful tool to harness the Mind Power. Our subconscious mind has hidden powers which can do wonders in our lives. Most of the human beings are unaware of its presence, but TWOH will help you identify and capture those powers which will bring Success, Peace, Happiness and Love to your life.

We will guide you at each step on the Journey of Self-healing to help achieve your goals.

You will see your problems melting away very soon.

2. Acupressure & Reflexology:  The science of acupressure is aimed to stimulate the power points on the body to open the electrical channels that are blocked causing disease and stress. Daily use of the Magic Mat, Healing Ball and Healing Grip will empower your mind and body. You will see your physical and psychological problems fading away in no time.

3. Beyond Healing Tea: A mix of fresh tea leaves and 7 different herbs which have ultimate healing properties that will rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body. The benefits of the herbs are amazing. This herbal tea will detoxify your mind and body to awaken all your senses.

4. Meditation: It is a state of hyperawareness that helps strengthen the mind and relieve the stress on daily basis. It has been practiced over multiple centuries. Meditation has proved to cure and prevent many ailments. TWOH offers guided meditation to help you achieve the peace and tranquility within.


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