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Fact: If you cannot think of any nice things to say about your friends, then you have the wrong friends.

It is always good to connect with friends. Our memories make up our sub-conscious mind. Reviving good memories creates multiple effects in body.

a. Relaxes our mind

b. Creates positive self esteem

c. Improves brain function

Friends are people who we grow with as a person we are today. They are very important. We cannot choose our parents, but we can choose our friends. Friends help us when we are in need. There are many instances in life where the only people you can think of are friends. We cannot even share some things with parents or siblings. Good friends are strong walls you can lean on anytime without fear of being hurt.

Just remember the one instance from your memory lanes when you were really having a good time with a friend. Call him or her and try to relive those memories whenever possible.

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