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Colors of OM: Relaxation and Meditation with Powerful OM Chants

In Health, Healthcare, Medicine on September 18, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Colors of OM: Relaxation and Meditation with Powerful OM Chants

“Om” is the primordial sound of the universe, the first vibration of creation, the eternal sound of the divine. “Om” in particular helps center and calm participants, bringing a sense of peace, focus and connection to ourselves, each other and the world. When chanted in repetition “om” is invigorating, strengthening and an effective way to release stress. Here are a number of the benefits of chanting “om.”

Physiological Effects:

1.slows the heart beat
2.relaxes muscles
3.calms the body
4.decreases blood pressure
5.oxygenates the blood
6.massages the spine, chest, core, throat and head through vibrations

Mental/Emotional Effects:

1. induces the relaxation response
2.improves task performance
3.increases clarity and concentrated focus
4.soothes the mind
5.increases effectiveness and motivation
6.deepens the connection to spiritual self
7.creates a sense of community (group chanting)


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Fact: Music greatly modifies our mental disposition.

Music has a big role on our mind and body. Different tones and vibrations relate to different parts and glands of our body. Relaxing music triggers our auditory-neuro-hormonal pathway and promotes relaxation and sense of well being. When we are relaxed, we think positive. Thinking positive in turn leads to good thoughts and ultimately good actions. Music can become a source of energy. By listening to favorite music, a person can feel a bigger moral strength and a stronger wish to commence or continue a desired activity. Beautiful music decorates life, makes people kinder and develops positive spiritual qualities.

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