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In Health, Healthcare, Medicine on July 10, 2012 at 8:00 am


Fact: While cleaning and re-organizing, we use both Left and Right sides of brain. It also improves neuromuscular co-ordination and burns almost 170 calories per hour.

You may be the lazy one and getting stuff done by your mother or spouse. For a change try to do your own stuff. From laundry to dishes or cleaning your room. Just do it without being a burden on others. On the flip side, you may be the one doing most of the stuff for others around the house. Its time for a break now. You need to involve other people to get to go their own chores. Tell them that you need help and they will do it. This will solve two problems. First, you will get a break for resting. Secondly, by giving them opportunity to work, you are helping them to be responsible. It is must for parents to involve their children in daily chores to make them responsible and good human beings later in Life.

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